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Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange, EDI Platform – HubBroker ApS

Electronic Data Interchange makes business processes more efficient. Trading partners trust this mode of document exchange. HubBroker ApS has developed an iPaaS to support EDI services. It helps external and internal parties to pass data securely. The integration platform includes pre-defined apps for different business systems. As a result, this makes it possible to exchange data efficiently and reliably.

Systems we integrate to:

e-conomic accounting software
Billy accounting service
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Uniconta ERP
Opencart integration
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Why HubBroker ApS? – For Electronic Data Interchange

Our core business is to help companies to automate their business processes. Order invoice handling must be transferred in suitable form using EDI service. Moreover, other types of documents will convert in recommended format.

We exchange and transform all types of data and documents in Denmark and abroad. Similarly, we provide service to our valuable customers in the Nordic countries, Europe and North America.

Above all, we work with all kinds of data integration tasks from:

  • Fully automated API-based integration
  • Semi-automatic PDF conversion, etc.

Our proprietary technology is used to capture data from incoming or outgoing PDF files.

Our EDI Solutions ensure automation and reduction of manual work and error sources. At the end, it will show resulting in money savings.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We provide effective, secure, and reliable solutions for document exchange. Interchange business critical data between trading partners. To check out our partner list, click the below link.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Certainly, we offer a future-proof & scalable integration platform that can eliminate manual work. Automate all the processes between our customers & their trading partners.

Client References

Our Promise

We offer high-quality customer service with a short process from request to solution. Moreover, we ensure that our customers will get flexible and cost-effective integration solutions as scheduled.

Intigration Solutions for B2B and B2G


Integration Platform (iPaaS)

Our staff handle all transactions through our integration platform (iPaaS). In other words, it is the hub of a fully automated process. At here, our customers are always have full control on transactions.

In addition, most trading platforms equate our iPaaS system for businesses. From this platform, you can exchange business documents between different trading partners. Our customers don’t need to use their systems and applications.

We are partner with many EDI platforms. From our iPaas system, you can choose any pre-defined app to exchange documents. It should be between the current systems on the market and all EDI networks.

Our main service is to convert data into the right format. We ensure that data is automatically loaded in. For example, ERP systems.

In a simple way with fully automated process, our customers have full insights. Our customers can get these insights from their separte space. All solutions and transactions are in their private integration platform.


HubBroker ApS has developed a unique PDF mapping tool. It is the best example of document conversion ever. If users have technical knowledge of mapping, then we allow them to do so.

Our solution supports all kinds of business documents in PDF format. Based on your existing data our system generates PDF template. Then we convert to the desired format defined by your trading partners.

Some of the customers, we help them in digitization


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